Editing FAQs

Editing FAQ’s


How long will it take?

Usually approximately 5 business days. If the wait time is longer I will let you know asap.

What do I need to send you?

Your Lightroom Catalog and Smart Previews file. Please click here to learn how to do this.

Why do I need to edit a selection of images first? 

I have found this produces a much more pleasing result for photographers.

If you send a sneakpeek to your clients this will work perfect for you. Edit 10-20 images, send them to your client, then rate them red for me and I will edit the rest to match your editing style.

Which images should I edit before sending my catalog?

I suggest editing 10-20 images from throughout the day. One from each scene would be best so I can match the editing for each scene.

Will you tailor your editing to suit my style?

Of course, I will match the editing style to the images you have edited for me.


What exactly do you do?

  • Apply your preset or sync from already edited image

  • Crop/straighten

  • Adjust white balance/tint

  • Adjust exposure, whites, blacks, shadows, highlights

  • Spot removal/brush on 1-5% of images (where required)

Do you do extra retouching?

No. If this is something you are interested in please email me at hello@ciaramulligan.co

How will I receive my edited files?

Once I have finished editing your images I will email a link to download your catalog. Once you’ve downloaded this you will be able to re-link the catalog to your local files, check that you love the edits and export the images for your clients.

Any other Questions?

Flick me an email to hello@ciaramulligan.co