ABOUT ciara mulligan visuals

Ciara Mulligan is a Photographer and Videographer based in New Zealand.

With a penchant for film, and drawn to subtle, romantic and authentic imagery; she captures each story with warmth and intention.

Often, Ciara is found travelling around the country photographing engagement, couple shoots, elopements, weddings and family portraits. Her work has taken her to the UK and Italy, to photograph these treasured moments her couples


about ciara

I would love to sit down and grab a coffee, or chat over skype. I wanna hear about the things that are important to you, what makes you, you.

I don`t want to come along as just another vendor on your wedding day, I want to be a familiar face, possibly even a friend and that way when it comes to taking some portraits, we can just hang out, and create some magic.

When I capture a wedding, I`m invested. I`ll be helping you fix your hair, carrying your veil and flowers, I`ll help the pilot dig out the wheel of the plane if needed. (This has happened). When I first ventured into the world of wedding photography, I had no idea how many incredible people I would meet and stories I would become intertwined with. Since then I have been fortunate enough to travel the world capturing the magic of weddings. I`m drawn to subtle, romantic and authentic imagery. I capture your day as it naturally unfolds -your family, friends and your love, this is what a wedding is all about.

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Let's grab a coffee or jump on Zoom and chat!

I want to hear ALLLL about the juicy dets for your day, so share as much or as little as you have planned! This can be the town/city when you're planning on getting married, and if you not sure yet, sing out, I'm more than happy to make some suggestions for an breathtaking ceremony in the middle of no where, or some epic venues.